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AMC Realty, Inc. is based in Atlanta, Georgia and specializes in bringing unique properties to the market on behalf of motivated Sellers. You won't find hundreds of real estate assets listed here. You will only find a select list of assets that Sellers have indicated to us "We are ready to get this property sold!"

Today's real estate investors are looking for value. AMC Realty makes sure its Seller clients understand this when we undertake the listing process. Identifying real estate opportunities that hold great investment appeal to either end user buyers or real estate investors is AMC Realty's goal.

Whether the property is privately or institutionally owned, AMC Realty carefully reviews each potential listing to insure the offering is of exceptional value in this challenging current economic climate.

Check our web site offerings frequently as new properties are listed. Fortunes are to be made by today's savvy real estate investors. The AMC Realty real estate offerings presented here can help you or your equity fund establish a claim to a share of these future fortunes.

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